Radio Talk Shows

Mike Boyd is available to do radio talk shows about funeral planning from a business perspective.  Funeral planning should always be included with financial planning by consumers.

As a non-practicing funeral director and self-published author of a book, “How to Bankroll a Funeral Without Breaking the Bank”, he is well qualified to discuss funeral planning, and radio talk shows are an excellent way to help your listening audience better understand funeral planning from a business/financial perspective.

Be it an audience participation call-in program or a one-on-one interview between the show’s host and Mike, a one hour program covers a great deal of material.

Sample questions for the host to consider asking Mike are:

1. Are there any rules or regulations to protect consumers when making funeral arrangements?

2. Is there a difference between pre-planning and pre-financing?

3. Is pre-financing a good idea?

4. Is embalming required by law?

5. Are there any ways to save money when making funeral arrangements?

6. Why are funerals so expensive?

Mike is available on short notice to do talk programs via telephone. Have a guest cancel?  Try Mike by calling 321-622-6318 (Eastern time) 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Mon-Fri, and if he personally answers the call (vs. his voice mail) he may be available to do a program with less than 30 minutes notice.

For more information call Mike or email:


Funeral Planning Information From a Business/Financial Perspective