Money-Saving Tips

Here are a few Money-Saving Tips taken from Mike’s book, “How to Bankroll a Funeral Without Breaking the Bank”, and from his published article, “Frugal Funeral Planning“.

  • Determine how much money you are willing to spend on a particular type of funeral plan.  Let funeral home and cemetery personnel know about your spending limitations, and do not be intimidated into spending more than you have determined is available.
  • Pre-plan the funeral at a time when emotions are not involved in the selection of funeral goods and services. Compare this to purchasing an automobile, furniture. stereo equipment and other purchases. Consumers normally shop around and become as educated as possible before making a particular purchase. Do the same when purchasing funeral goods and services.
  • Have an impartial person accompany you when making any type of funeral arrangements.
  • Acquire pricing information from funeral homes, cremation societies, memorial societies, and cemeteries, so you can compare prices. This is easier when a consumer pre-plans a funeral vs. planning a funeral at need (when a death has already occurred).
  • Know how much flowers will cost, and consider limiting the number and size of arrangements or choosing a less expensive type of flower.  Artificial flowers from home could also be considered.
  • When designing a death notice for paid publication in newspapers, abbreviate as much as possible,  because newspapers usually charge on a per-line basis.


Funeral Planning Information From a Business/Financial Perspective